Summer 2012

June  10-23  Cornerstones Nappa Valley

It is so hard to summarize a trip like this that was so loaded with the presence of the Lord both in ministry, and in His creation, over 13 days of varied travel and landscapes. The trip spanned from the Island of San Marcos, to the Island of Natividad, Tortugas, Vizciano, and San Francisco de la Sierras in Baja Sur. There was a balance here of serving and “being” in these amazing places. The dynamic group of youth prepared dramas, skits, worship, shared testimonies and  the Word of God. It is so encouraging to see these youth serve with confidence and boldness, the faith that they live for. What amazed me most was that each town we had visited, the people at first seemed distant and guarded, and after our short time of serving many were moved to tears when saying goodbye. The Lord clearly was softening their hearts through each person that came, with their unique giftings and abilities. Many lives came to the Lord, others were deeply touched, and the group itself was forever changed as they pondered the impact of their efforts under the millions of stars at the San Francisco de la Sierras cave paintings, or cradled by the salt water of the Sea of Cortez beheld in His hands amidst His creation, or in the welling up of tears at goodbyes. The whole trip was a walk of faith and concluded with a dangerous hike demonstrating just that. Each step held it’s possible dangers with time evaporating. Their depleted resources to survive challenged them to trust and persevere, proving that God is Faithful as they climbed out of the valley, stronger and more certain of His great love for each one.


 Women’s conference in Vizciano It is always a blessing to participate in the yearly women’s conference of Baja South, where women from several churches gather annually to listen and learn of Gods precious Word.  This year the event was held at Calvary Chapel Vizcaino, where the attendance was about 50 in all and the message was on the book of Esther and how God’s plan of deliverance was demonstrated by this young girl of great faith.

Besides a great time of being in the Word, worshipping our Lord, and praying over the ladies, we also had a wonderful time of fellowship and crafts with the ladies.


 June 27-30 CC Creekside

We were so blessed to be able to welcome Calvary Chapel Creekside from Lynden Washington, extended family to the Lees. Day one of their visit was going to Reaching the Vision orphanage where they instantly bonded with the kids there by engaging them in dance routines, a time of fellowship, and laying of hands in prayer over each person there. It was a unique moment to see youth boys hanging from the van not wanting them to go, gleaning every last second. Day 2 the group went to City of Angels to serve lunch, visit and play with the kids there, again concluding their time with laying of hands over all of the kids and workers there.

The evening was spent delivering invitations for the outreach planned the following day … many opportunities for youth to practice their spanish as well as offer prayer to those we met along the way.

Their final day was spent being touristy in the morning with a visit to the shops, again with hearts open for street people and those in need. Mid afternoon was the beginning of the event, where there was a full skateboard demonstration that had many of the local youth wanting to give it a try. It is certainly not as easy as he made it look, even jumping over 7 youth lying below between the ramps. The Lynden group held a VBS in their home town and each the participants provided backpacks with school supplies that each the school aged children received. Such a blessing! Always the highlight is testimonies that speak of God’s great love and the gospel going out. Many seeds were planted in this group, as well as here in Mexico with the lives they touched during their stay.


 July 6-8 CC New Beginnings 

Many groups come for a weekend visit in Mexico and although time is short there is a lot accomplished. Usually Sojourners will prepare for the events being held by walking the communities in prayer and handing out invitations door to door days prior to their arrival.

New beginnings and La Puente youth group came to visit with hearts on fire for the people of Mexico! Wonderful morning spent at Reaching the Vision orphanage, providing all the children with lunch and much needed school supplies. Each child was able to line up and fill a back pack with pens, pencils, notebooks, ruler and  crayons. This helps the orphanages as they are each responsible to purchase uniforms for all the kids as well, which can be quite the task when you have 50 kids to provide for. The directors were relieved by the provisions that came in.

Later in the afternoon we headed off to the town “Morelos”,  just south of Rosarito, to do an outreach with the people of this community. The response was great and many showed up receiving school supplies for every school age child and toys for all the others.  Each outreach is similar in function but how the Spirit moves is always unique. After a passion filled message over 30 people stepped forward to receive the Lord or rededicate their lives. The youth that came were impacted, as well as taking on new roles of leadership and serving, making this a complete trip where the people of Mexico and the group get blessed.

 July 20-22 Obediencia Women’s conference with Pomona Valley

Mary Velasquez did a great job of co-ordinating all the details, making this a fruitful time with all the ladies that attended. This was held in La Gloria at the training centre and for many this was the first time staying overnight at a women’s event.

Guest speakers for this event were Marysol Benites, Laura Seballos, Sonia Mayoral and Mary Velasquez. People came from Vizciano, Mexicali and Rosarito and were blessed by the men cooking and preparing the meals. All left pondering, if not broken, with a deeper desire to walk in obedience to Jesus. We were grateful for the heart felt testimonies of the ladies, as well as their sharing on how God is moving in their lives and in their families. So great to be a small part in the edification of the body of Christ through teaching and times of fellowship.


 Fullerton July 27th -29th,  We welcomed  our  faithful friends from C.C Fullerton.  We were excited to do an outreach at a colony called Volcanes, which was way overdue for a visit.  At the outreach we ran carnival games, children and adult teaching, time of worship, testimonies and the Gospel, as well as extending basic needs as the Lord provided.  We also raffled off 12 school backpacks filled with school supplies, which is a great need and help for the families that can not afford them.

New believers came forward that day to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and bibles were provided for them to start their new walk with the Lord.  We Thank C.C Fullerton for the faithfulness in coming down and sharing the gospel in Mexico and encouragement to us as we continue serve together.


In Memory of Petey Kim

This month had some sorrows. On our calendar we were scheduled to receive a group from Refuge Church, where our friend Petey Kim was pastoring. When God calls one of his own home, in that moment we cry out for the loss of a dear brother, and fellow labourer, and friend. We cry tears for his family and the Body of Christ, for the loss of this man that was filled with His Spirit, realizing there are some big shoes to fill. His smile, joy and worship are examples to us all, testifying of such intimacy and love with our Father, his Father. But as always with the Lord the sadness turns to rejoicing in His perfect plan through all of this. We wipe our tears and set our hope on the kingdom coming where we will see Him once again, and continue on sharing that hope of heaven to others.

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