Ecclesiastes 3:1

To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven:

For 3 years we were blessed to have partnered with our friends Rob, Cindy Lee and their boys, in the work and ministry God is doing in Mexico.
They were a blessing to the ministry, to us and to everyone one around them touching their hearts with their love, charm, funniness, generosity and expressing their unique gifts. Oh how you impacted and touched so many lives as you all displayed the heart of God!!


Thank you Rob and Cindy for not only being a co-laborer of Sojourners Missions, but for being our friends and family, a treasured gift we will always have in our hearts.

We are grateful for the Lord for allowing us to serve alongside you for these 3 years.


We are sadden by their departure, but we are blessed by their obedience and new step of faith into their next season of ministry. Our prayers are with the Lee family as they begin  this new adventure and ministry in Canada.   3 John 1:2  Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things

We long to be re-united again with the Lees. Love you!





A note from the Lee Family

This isn’t goodbye, only a concluding of this season in Mexico. We will always be connected, still serving, however in a different capacity. These are some concluding thoughts:

Psalm 133:1: How good and pleasant it is for the brethren to dwell in unity.”

As I think on these past 3 years in Mexico, this verse seems to sum up a lot of what was accomplished. Coming to Mexico we had been riddled with fearful notions of the dangers of Mexico; the cartels that lurked on every corner, the kidnappers waiting to abduct our kids, thieves waiting to pounce, and the list goes on. Mexico does have elements of this, similar to any other North American city, only it is punctuated with racial stigma as well. By faith we came.

We served alongside the Mayorals, not knowing much about them accept that they had previously ministered for 10 years, hosting groups through the mission at “La Posada”, which was how we had met in the first place. We (our group from Langley, B.C.) were one of the last groups through their prior ministry in May of 2010. That September when we came to serve there was nothing. No ministry, no direction, no game plan, just a willingness to continue serving God and a willingness to receive us. Now to be honest I can tell you, to give up everything to come and serve in Mexico, then to be just praying for 3 months was trying at times. I was thinking as anyone would, that we would be busy serving immediately, that we would “hit the road running”. I was told to sit at his feet, study the Word, and wait on the Lord.

During this time we prayed, played worship, ate meals together, day by day waiting. One day in late October, a group that had known the Mayorals from many years ago contacted them personally about bringing a small group to minister locally. Even though this is something they had done for many years, they did not have the facility, only a damp, dank, little house used for storing their personal items from when they moved from a house to a small apartment. We chomped at the bit to get going and the Mayoral’s were happy to help us as hosts. Victor, if he ever he had a vision, it was to not be tied down but to be able to be mobile and serve all along the Baja. God would honor Victor’s vision and patience as the doors all along the peninsula would begin to fling wide open, from Tijuana to Cabo!

We opened Sojourners Mission house. It was to be available for anyone wanting to serve. From day one the ministry began to grow and groups started to come. Much of the local ministry was visitation with orphanages, sharing the Word, small building projects, and gospel outreaches building the local churches. These early days were exciting as it was purely an unfolding of God’s plan, using all the different talents and abilities that complimented one another.

As the ministry was born, the southern leg of ministering along the Baja was beginning to take shape. It was the encouragement of Paul to the smaller churches. As blessings came in, everything was passed on to smaller struggling churches south. Everything was given away. At times I would feel frustrated that we would not keepsome things for our own use. Everything in excess that was not needed in the moment was passed on to families and churches in need.

These days were also challenging. I was learning a new language and culture. I left all my comforts, my friends, my family, at times feeling very needy serving the needy. I was practically living with people that I didn’t know or understand at times, and I confess I had suspicions about everything, but what I observed was Victor and Sonia continually honoring their God and sending church, through faithful prayer and respect. Daily I would find them huddled over their bibles with a cup of coffee and a pan dulce, or listening to telecast messages, concluding in prayer with thanksgiving. I have seen them first hand take in the oppressed and afflicted, sharing their home and ministering with love, seeking restoration by God’s Word alone, without compromise. Their devotion to serving the Lord was so evident by their daily lives being lived out through prayer, study of God’s Word and worship, which echoed through our walls day and night.

Victor is a relentless and merciful evangelist. Often times I would be looking for Victor only to find him out front on the street embracing a man in prayer, leading him to the Lord. Victor may not be a lead pastor of a mega church, but I can say that for sure either directly or indirectly he has been instrumental in leading countless lost souls to The Lord, fulfilling the Lord’s great commission like no one we have ever seen, and yet he is not above the mundane menial jobs of cleaning bathrooms, digging ditches and driving buses to church. He does it all with faith, not little faith, but unwavering faith and humility, giving ALL glory to God. Countless times each day he can be heard exclaiming, “Gloria a Dios!”

Sonia aka Sonees you are a gem. You have such a gift to make everyone feel as if they have known you their whole life. Your gift of hospitality and generosity are only second to your gift of exhortation and encouragement. We miss you saying, “Don’t hate… Appreciate!” We miss hearing you sing through the walls. We miss playing games with you, we miss worshipping and serving with you, but most of all we just miss you, you and Victor. We will always love and cherish the time The Lord gave us with you!

The scripture I chose somehow is like a concluding statement to our time here. From 3 months to 3 years we have gone from strangers to brothers and sisters in the Lord with a true affection and love for one another. When you commit to loving like Jesus did sacrificially, you begin to dwell in unity with one another and how pleasant and beautiful it is.

I think it is like this: The Lord knows who we need in our lives to shape us. He allows and leads us to relationships that will sharpen us, challenge us and grow us if we let it, if we hang in there, if we are obedient. He will grow us. He will complete the work He has begun in us. With every group that has served, we ask the question, “how has this trip stretched you or blessed you?” For me, it has stretched me beyond myself, shown me what unconditional love is, and has required me to response in the same way. My time here has shown me the urgency of the kingdom, and through the love of an orphan child, God showed me His heart for the lost. But most of all He has shown me that it is all for nothing if it is done without love.

Canada is a country with rich resources, leaving people living the lie of self sufficiency, rejecting God all together. It is a land of abundance and spiritual death. God has called us home to Canada in much the same way that He called us to Mexico.

Called by His Spirit, concurred by pastors and elders, and confirmed by the Word of God. We leave with heavy yet full hearts. Thank you God! Thank you Victor and Sonia Mayoral!

John 13:35: By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Victor, thank you for always encouraging me… Sonia, thank you for loving me like a son.” — Hudson Lee

Victor, I will always remember how hard you work… Sonia, thank you for loving me even when I was a brat”. — Christian Lee

Victor, thank you for teaching me to pray… Sonia, thank you for teaching me to ALWAYS have faith!” — Rob Lee

“thank you for showing me that His grace is sufficient and how to walk by faith and for loving my family like your own. Love you both!” — Cindy Lee

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