Feb. 19-25

Sojourners Mission was blessed to come alongside C.C. Pomona Valley for another long trip south ministering and doing outreaches in Vizcaino, Santa Rosalia, Island San Marcos and Campo Don Juanito, (a agricultural field where over 6000 migrant workers live with their children). Many adults accepted the Lord at these outreaches after George Maldonado shared the message of hope and Salvation. One man who was into voodoo, gave his life over to the Lord. His brokenness was evident as he cried saying the sinners prayer.

We were also able to take a visit at a local Basurero (Dumpster) where over 25 men live and search for scrapes of metal or any materials that they can sell. As we looked at these men and the surrounding, it reminded us as to what life is without Jesus -a place of despair, full of filth, without hope in life, and just as the prodigal son who was longing to fill his stomach with the food of the pigs these men trying to find food from the trash that surrounded them. George again shared the message and several of these men gave their saves to the Lord. We pray that those who received Jesus, will leave that lifestyle and now be a witness of what God did.

We ended the trip with great fellowship with the family in Christ in Vizcaino, rejoicing and giving praise to our Lord and Savior for His faithfulness and for allowing us to serve Him in such an amazing way. Gloria a Dios!!!! 


Missionary Prayer Night

Once per month we have opened our base to support those currently serving in Mexico through fellowship and prayer. Prayer is the cornerstone of this ministry and we are thrilled to partner with other missionaries in strengthening for what God is doing through them. We look forward to sharing the praises in the future.

Hacienda  El Faro Tecate update  

In Tecate recent  they had snow. It agonized us as we know there are about 15 boys with the directors staying in a house with no doors window.  Recently  however roof construction continues with Brother Melessio putting up tile over the tar paper to further protect the new construction.  We have been blessed by many supporters such as Riverside Calvary Chapel, Langley Meadows Community School, both from B.C, that have provided all the materials for the bulk of the construction thus far. We have been able to provide regular food and provisions from Creekside Calvary Chapel in Lynden Washington as well with items such as soap shampoo, laundry soap, coffee, rice and beans and some simple meals. We were even recently blessed by two little girls from Riverside CC that decided to forfeit their birthday gifts and collect donations toward the roof at Tecate.  They raised over 600.00.  We continue to see the Lord move in the hearts of many and provide so amazingly.

Base update  We currently are requesting prayer as we have begun to book larger groups and are starting to out grow our beloved little house. We do not charge a fee for any services or use of our base trusting the Lord, but we also feel that it is necessary to inform those that use the base that we often fall short at month end and make up the difference with personal funds. With the 10 year history of the directors it is easy to assume they have plenty of support. The base has no regular support or donations collected in excess of the expenses.  We are confident the Lord will provide as we have seen it so often. So we ask for prayer to consider these needs as we look to the future with confidence.


















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